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Metal Detectable Food Safe Rubber Materials
General News & Events, Specialist Rubber Sheetings - 22nd Oct, 2019

Legislation demands that manufacturers take the necessary measures to detect pollution to ensure consumer safety.

Metal detectable silicone sheeting and manufactured components from J-Flex contain additives which are visible to metal detector scanning equipment, so that any rubber contamination in the food, drinks and pharmaceutical production process can be easily identified.

Offering custom made solutions for Food, Drink, Dairy, Pharma/Bio & Life Science Industries, J-Flex can supply a tried and tested range of Metal Detectable rubber Gaskets, Seals, O-Rings, Bellows and Sections for your food, drink or pharmaceutical production –  to suit all types of detector equipment; food processing applications and budgets.

The ‘magnetic pull’ strength means that even the smallest particle of rubber pollution is detected. Currently all J-Flex Metal Detectable Rubber Products are qualified by independent testing to FDA Title 21 CFR 177.2600 regarding extraction and migration levels for products in repeated contact with food. In addition the metallic ferrite powder is approved on the FDA White list. J-Flex metal detectable silicone sheet is properly manufactured from approved ingredients; cured and additionally post cured to meet FDA compliancy requirements. Our metal detectable silicone sheets can also be supplied with our high temperature adhesive backing.

Metal Detectable Silicone Sponge is ideal for gaskets & door seals used in sensitive food processing areas. Don’t take any risks by fitting traditional sponge materials because that are cheap, they also have low levels of conductivity and are very often missed by even the strongest detection systems.

  • Minimal downtime due to quick detection of contamination
  • Wide range of FDA Compliant Rubber materials
  • ADI Free (Animal Derived Ingredient)
  • Phthalate Free Materials
  • In ‘food industry’ Blue for quick & easy identification – and also available bespoke colours to suit colour coded production lines
  • Fragments of J-Flex Metal Detectable materials less than 1mm in size can be identified on in-line detection equipment
A wide range of Natural and Synthetic Rubber materials, including:
  • Silicone Rubber
  • Silicone Sponge
  • Nitrile ( Buna N )
  • E.P.D.M.  
  • Viton™ / FKM
  • Natural Rubber
Typical Metal Detectable Rubber Products include:

‘O’ Rings (standard & non-standard)  Extruded Profile Bespoke Mouldings Milk Coupling Seals DIN 11851 Tri-Clover Seals Sight Glass Seals Discharge Filler Seals Bevel Seal Gaskets Bag Filler Seals Sleeves Seals Strips Curtains Joints Gaskets Sheetings Cords Balls Bellows Sealants

If you have a component that presents any risk of contamination, contact us and eliminate that risk.

Metal Detectable Rubber Tri-Clover Seals

Above: Metal Detectable Tri-Clover Seals