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J-Flex: your complete source for FKM sheets including Viton™ and Fluor-a-com®

J-Flex enjoys an industry wide reputation as the market leader for speciality sheet rubber products. This means bringing a wide offering to the market, not just the commodity items BUT also the really special grades such as Viton™ Sheet and FLUOR-A-COM® Fluoroelastomer (FKM) Rubber Sheets.

For Viton™ and FLUOR-A-COM® (FKM) Sheetings, J-Flex has a vast and unrivalled range, most of which is available EX-STOCK:

  • Viton™ ‘A’
  • Viton™ ‘B’
  • Fluor-a-Com® FPM / FKM Sheet Product
  • Fluor-a-Com® Food Grade Off-White & Blue FDA Compliant (see below)
  • Fluor-a-Com® FKM / 1 Ply Nomex Reinforcement
  • Medium Density Viton™ Sponge
  • Extruded Sponge Cord and Square/Rectangular Strips

Our FLUOR-A-COM® range is available in a wide thickness range, from 0.5mm up to 25mm.

All sheeting complies with REACH Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) Declaration and hold PAH/PAK Compliance Certificates.

Benefits of Viton™ and FLUOR-A-COM® (FKM) Sheetings
  • High Temperature Performance
  • Reliable & Durable
  • High Levels of Chemical Resistance
  • Ideal for Harsh and Demanding Applications

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FLUOR-A-COM® is a Regd Trademark of J-Flex Rubber Products. Viton™ is a Regd Trademark of The Chemours Company.


Most J-Flex sheet products can be supplied with our high temperature adhesive backing (generally speaking, any over 1mm thickness).

Need to know about  Viton™ compatibility with chemicals?

We have a guide for checking the chemical compatibility of Viton™, (an FKM Rubber) with approximately 600 chemicals, solvents, alcohols and other products. 

FDA Compliant FKM – (Blue & Off-White)

This material is manufactured in an easily identifiable blue colour which is of course synonymous with food processing industries. The blue colour, of course, makes identifying any contamination clearly identifiable, so even if a small particle gets into the food during the production process, you’ll know quickly.

Benefits include:

  • Blue FKM Sheet and ‘O’ Ring Cords available in the standard food industry blue colour making in so much easier to identify contamination.
  • Comfortably handles hot, oily and greasy food products.
  • Suitable for repeated food contact.
  • Non-toxic and odour free.
  • Non-marking and does not taint food.
  • Non-allergenic.
  • Resistant to chlorinated hydrocarbons; fuel and acids.
  • Heat Resistance to 250°C.
  • Conforms to PAH/PAK requirements.
  • Complies with Reach – SVHC listed ingredients.
  • Popular for gaskets; seals; strips and joints for food; beverage and pharmaceutical.

As you would expect the product has been thoroughly tested by independent laboratories to all the relevant standards including:

  • All of the ingredients used in this recipe are listed on the FDA White List as described in the FDA Code of Federal Regulations Title 21. Section 177. 2600.
  • The finished sheet and cord materials have been independently tested by SGS International and are certified as meeting the migration values (extraction levels) as set out in FDA Regulations Title 21. Section 177.2600 “Rubber Articles Intended for repeated use”.
  • The products are manufactured under Best Manufacturing Practice in accordance with EC 2023: 2006.
  • These products are deemed as being compliant to European Regulations framework EC1935:2004 “materials intended to come into contact with food”.


Strips, Fabricated Gaskets, Joints & Seals

J-Flex offer strip cut from sheetings and also fabricate gaskets; joints and seals. All J-Flex sheet products can be supplied with or without high temperature pressure sensitive adhesive backing.

Special sheet grades can be calendered or moulded in sheet form such as:

  • Viton™ F, GF, GLT, Extreme
  • Alfas®
  • Colours – Red, Green and Brown Viton™
  • Thin Gauge Viton™ Sheeting: 0.25mm (+/-0.08)

The experience of our strategic partnership means you have access to a manufacturing team that knows the calendering process intuitively and has raised it to a fine art.  J-Flex has one of the largest Viton™ and FLUOR-A-COM® Fluoroelastomer Sheet stocks available in Europe – this means that you can actually buy these products from us EX-STOCK and you don’t have to tie your money up for such long periods.

Why buy from J-Flex?

If you are looking for a friendly and helpful industrial rubber products supplier, with enviable product knowledge and excellent customer service, then you’ll find it in J-Flex. We supply a vast range of quality items including rubber sheet and an array of fabrications made from premium grade elastomers including silicone and Viton™ - many of which are available for next day delivery. Founded in 1984, we have amassed a wealth of experience and are the preferred supplier of industrial rubber products - providing engineered rubber components and specialist rubber sheetings you can trust. Whether you are looking for silicone sheets, rubber mouldings, gaskets, sleeves, extrusions, bellows, fabrications, rubber sealants or adhesives -including Viton™ sheets and sealants, J‑Flex can help. You'll find our Accreditations, Approvals, Certifications and Compliance​ information on our Quality Assurance page.


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Automotive & Motorsport (inc EV)


Product Approvals and Compliances

As part of our ethos, we are regularly checking and independently testing our products and materials with leading industry organisations to ensure they meet and exceed the requirements of the many industries we serve – below are some examples.

For related downloads, please visit our Downloads page and scroll down to the Information & Certifications section.

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