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J-Flex – Your trusted, specialist rubber sheetings supplier.

We stock one of the largest and most comprehensive ranges of specialist rubber sheetings including silicone, silicone sponge and genuine Viton™ sheetings.

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Viton™ & FKM Sheeting Viton™ & FKM Sheeting

For Viton™ and FLUOR-A-COM® (FKM) Sheetings, J-Flex has a range which includes: Viton™ ‘A’ and ‘B’, FLUOR-A-COM® FPM / FKM Sheet Product, Food Grade Off-White & Blue FDA Compliant Viton™, FLUOR-A-COM® FKM / 1 Ply Nomex Reinforcement and Medium Density Viton™ Sponge Sheet, Strips and Cords.

Viton™ Sponge Sheeting Viton™ Sponge Sheeting

J-Flex Viton™ Sponge is a closed cell formulation with a continuous skin on both sides. The skin makes the sheet stronger and more tear resistant and even when the surface skin is punctured or cut; the sheets will not allow the passage of air or fluid between cells. The non-absorbent sheets are highly compressible, resilient and lightweight with good thermal insulation.

EPDM Sheeting EPDM Sheeting

EPDM’s are truly top class materials offering users a wide range of properties which include being Mechanically Tough, Abrasion Resistant, Good Chemical Resistance, Food Approved, Drinking Water Approved and Steam Resistant. J-Flex are your complete source for specialist EPDM sheet products.

Diaphragm & Thin Gauge Sheets Diaphragm & Thin Gauge Sheets

J-Flex enjoys an industry wide reputation as the market leader for specialist sheet rubber products including Diaphragm & Thin Gauge Rubber Sheetings. This means bringing a wide offering to the market, not just the commodity items, but also the really special grades.

Silicone Sheeting Silicone Sheeting

A wide range of Silicone Rubber Sheetings from J-Flex – including Silicone Sponge, Food Safe, Metal Detectable and Electrically Conductive.