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Our market leading silicone rubber membranes have a successful track record, whether for solar panel production or the vacuum-forming of veneers and composites in various other industries.

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Vac-Sil® Quality Membranes Vac-Sil® Quality Membranes

VAC-SIL® Quality Membranes have been specifically designed for use as vacuum membranes for Solar/P.V. module lamination, plus the forming or thermo-pressing of vinyl foil veneers on furniture woodwork, composites in aerospace, F1 cars, marine, and other general products.

Precision Consumables Precision Consumables

J-Flex provide a range of precision components, primarily for use in solar panel production. The range includes laminator vacuum seals, PTFE & Glassfabric belts (Stringer, Release, Vision, Transport etc) and also squeegee edge profiles for screen printing.

Vac-Sil® Membranes FAQs Vac-Sil® Membranes FAQs

Your questions answered about the full range of available VAC-SIL® Quality Membranes.