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J-Flex – your complete source for specialist sheet products including Viton™ Sponge Rubber Sheetings.

J-Flex enjoys an industry wide reputation as the market leader for speciality sheet rubber products. This means bringing a wide offering to the market, not just the commodity items BUT also the really special grades such as Viton™ Sponge Rubber Sheets.

J-Flex Viton™ Sponge is a closed cell formulation that is manufactured with a continuous skin on both sides. The skin makes the sheet stronger and more tear resistant and even when the surface skin is punctured or cut; the sheets will not allow the passage of air or fluid between cells. The non-absorbent sheets are highly compressible, resilient and lightweight and therefore provide good thermal insulation.

The benefits of Viton™ Sponge

Like dense Viton™, J-Flex Viton™ Sponge is generally resistant to:

  • Aliphatic & aromatic hydrocarbons
  • Oil
  • Fuels
  • Ozone and Weather
  • Lubricants
  • Animal and Vegetable Oils
  • Acids
  • Hot Water

J-Flex Viton™ Sponge sheets have a service temperature of -25°C to 204°C, although elevated temperatures while under compression will have an adverse effect on the resilience of this material.

Most J-Flex sheet products can be supplied with our high temperature adhesive backing (generally speaking, any over 1mm thickness).

Viton™ is a Registered Trademark of The Chemours Company.

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If you are looking for a friendly and helpful industrial rubber products supplier, with great product knowledge and excellent customer service, then you’re in the right place. We supply a vast range of quality items including rubber sheet and an array of fabrications made from premium grade elastomers including silicone and Viton™ – many of which are available for next day delivery. With over 35 years operating experience, J‑Flex is the preferred supplier of industrial rubber products – providing engineered rubber components and specialist rubber sheetings you can trust. Whether you are looking for silicone sheets, rubber mouldings, gaskets, sleeves, extrusions, bellows, fabrications, rubber sealants or adhesives -including Viton™ sheets and sealants, J‑Flex can help. You’ll find our Accreditations, Approvals, Certifications and Compliance​ information here.