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Everything you need to know about silicone sheets, rubber mouldings and more.

As part of J-Flex’s ongoing mission to provide the industry with useful information on the industrial rubber industry, we are pleased to offer our comprehensive Guides, which we hope you will find helpful and informative. 

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Silicone Rubber
What’s the Story?

UPDATED for 2020/21

In this guide, you can expect to find out everything you need to know about Silicone Rubber.

Critical issues affecting Silicone Sheeting

UPDATED for 2020/21

To help you understand what to look for when buying safe to use Silicone, we have compiled this guide, highlighting all the issues that can arise from the use of ‘Competitive’ Silicone.

A Guide to Metal Detectable Food Safe Rubber Materials

UPDATED for 2020/21

Provides those within food production – with legislative health and safety responsibilities – a clear insight into what can be done to eliminate elastomeric contamination.

Reducing the total cost of ownership of a Solar/PV Laminator

UPDATED for 2020/21

This guide spotlights VAC-SIL® Lamin8 membranes and presents the Hard Facts and Benefits to make an informed choice.

A Guide to Fluoroelastomers

UPDATED for 2020/21

​Created to equip professionals involved in procurement and engineering with a better understanding of a highly reliable and long‐term elastomer.

Solar P.V. Module Lamination Membranes – Optimising Performance

UPDATED for 2020/21

This updated version provides a clear insight into this specialised lamination (vacuum-forming) process for solar p.v. production.

Guide to Low Smoke, Low Toxic Rubber Materials to EN45545-2:2020

UPDATED for 2021

Equips those professionals involved in purchasing, engineering and designing of original equipment, or refurbishing of existing rail and mass transit equipment, with a clear insight into what can be achieved with elastomeric materials for this market.

Ask the Experts Guide

UPDATED for 2021

Not sure of which type of rubber product you need? We have produced this insightful and informative technical guide to help you identify the best solution(s) for your specific circumstances.

Glossary of Rubber Terms

Previously a downloadable document and this has now been converted into a separate web page.

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