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J-Flex – for inflatable seals, rubber seals, fabricated sleeves, die cut gaskets, rubber bellows, and much more. Large or small, a one-off or bulk order, off-the-shelf or custom-made, let us manufacture your fabricated rubber components.

All of our fabricated rubber components are produced using high quality natural & synthetic polymers and sometimes incorporating reinforcing fabrics.

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Custom Cut Gaskets Custom Cut Gaskets

J-Flex are your comprehensive source for custom cut gaskets requirements, whether you need small, medium or large volumes and from small to huge, we can help.

Fabricated Rubber Sleeves Fabricated Rubber Sleeves

Mandrel Built Rubber Sleeves, Hand Fabricated Rubber Sleeves, Moulded Convoluted Sleeves and Bellows, High Frequency Welded Polyurethane and Stitched (sewn) Connectors.

Inflatable Rubber Seals Inflatable Rubber Seals

J-Flex inflatable rubber seals are designed to expand when inflated to form a tight barrier against a striking surface, thus affecting a positive seal against dust, moisture, contaminants and/or pressure differentials.

Rubber Bellows & Expansion Joints Rubber Bellows & Expansion Joints

J-Flex supply a wide range of rubber bellows, rubber expansion joints, fabric expansion joints, flexibles and compensators – custom made to specific requirements allowing for thermal movement; isolation of vibration and compensation for misalignment in ductwork and piping.

O-Rings – Vulcanised Joined Rings O-Rings – Vulcanised Joined Rings

Vulcanised joined cord rings that are ideal for sealing exterior lighting, security equipment, control boxes and filtration equipment. In fact any situation where they need to withstand the elements, wind, rain, cold weather, hot weather and more.

Though not exclusive to these markets, we find the main markets we supply to are:
Defence – Shipbuilding – Rail – Power Generation – Heavy Industrial