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A range of solar panel precision production consumables, including:

PTFE/Glassfabric Belts

Providing protection, temperature resistance, high release properties and chemical resistance.

J-Flex offer fabricated Transport, Release, Platen & Stringer Belts for all Solar/ P.V applications.

Endless belts are joined by welding, stitching or mechanical fastening, thus ensuring great tracking and dimensional stability. Belts can have end loops fabricated by welding/stitching and can be perforated to suit OEM equipment.

  • Stringer Belts – perforated
  • Release Belts
  • Transport Belts
  • Vision Belts
  • Platen Sheets

All items fabricated expertly and promptly.

Also, see why J-Flex belt joints are the best, in our download PDF titled ‘Focus On PTFE Stringer Belt Joints‘ below.

Squeegee Edge Profiles
for screen printing in Glass and Solar P.V. cell production

Produced from the highest grade of Polyurethane (Vulkollan®), we primarily offer:  

  • Standard
    High chemical resistance / average wear & physical strength – Green colour – 75° Shore A (+/-5°). The most common section sizes being 9.5mm x 9.5mm square & 10mm x 10mm square.
  • High Grade (Ndi)
    High chemical resistance / exceptional wear & physical properties – Red colour – 72° Shore A (+/-5°). The most common section sizes being 9.5mm x 9.5mm square & 10mm x 10mm square.
  • 2 Part Profiled Blade
    A 2 part profiled blade constructed with a rigid fibreglass backing & a Polyurethane printing strip. The 2 part construction eliminates undesirable flexing, ensuring very consistent results with even pressure & contact with the screen.
  • High resistance to UV systems
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Cut resistant
  • Great abrasion resistance
  • High Solvent resistance
  • Good tolerance to Plastisols

Laminator Vacuum Seals

These can be extruded cords of varying diameters, or they can be made-to-order fabricated seals – as continuous ‘O’ rings or rectangular with vulcanised corner joints.

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