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The Adhesive:

  • a flexible multi-purpose adhesive & sealant.
  • easy to mix and apply.
  • good adhesion where others may fail at high temperatures.
  • withstands temperatures of 200°C continuous with excursions to 300°C.
  • specially patented cure system allows quick setting at room temperature.
  • resists aggressive vapours, oils and extreme environments.
  • chemical resistance as all other J-Flex premium products made from Viton™ (Full details upon request from our Chemours General Chemical Resistance Guide).
Ideal Applications
  • Glues metal to metal.
  • Bonding and sealing electrical harnesses.
  • Bonding oven door gaskets.
  • Cold splicing Viton™/fabric flue duct expansion joints.
  • Seal and repairs to fuel tanks to stop fluid leaks.
  • Bonds rubber to metal surfaces.
  • Bonds rubber to rubber (even EPDM).

Colour – Black
Size available – US Quart tin (1 US Quart = 0.95L)
Carriage – for hazardous goods

Full application details and data specification sheets will automatically be supplied with each order – extra copies available on request.

Viton Caulk Sealant & Adhesive

The Caulk Sealant:

This quality Caulk Sealant, based on Viton™ Fluoroelastomer and produced in conjunction with The Chemours Company, is perfect for splicing fluoroelastomer parts, sealing gaps and flanges + sealing lined pipes. It can also be used safely in corrosive and hazardous environments as it will not easily erode.

Fluorodyn™ protects steel, concrete and brick from corrosion. Non-porous and low permeability, the sealant resists virtually all chemicals, acids and gasses – including Nitric, Sulphuric, Hydrochloric Acids at temperatures up to 250ºC. It is also impervious to Aliphatic, Aromatic, Halogenated Hydrocarbons + Hot Oils, Water and Dry Heat. Ozone, U.V. Light, Salt Spray and Fungal Growth have little or no effect whatsoever.

The advanced compound system provides excellent corrosion resistance in the uncured state, as well as increased after curing to virtually all chemicals.

Fluorodyn™ has a shelf life of 2 years; it is compounded with 75% solids making it an easy to apply, single component caulk needing no mixing and eliminates expensive waste traditionally associated with other 2 part systems.


Colour – Black
Size available – 320ml cartridge

Can easily be applied by trowel or with a standard applicator gun.

Viton™ is the registered trademark of The Chemours Company. Fluorodyn™ is a registered trademark of Thermodyn Corporation.

J-Flex is the exclusive UK distributor and stockist for Thermodyn Corporation’s Fluorodyn™ Viton™ Caulk Sealant and Adhesive products – and have been since 1996.

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