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J-Flex – for custom made, precision engineered inflatable seals in premium grade elastomers.

Whatever your requirements, industrial rubber specialist J-Flex can help. ​J-Flex inflatable rubber seals are designed to expand when inflated to form a tight barrier against a striking surface – providing an effective seal against dust, moisture, contaminants and/or pressure differential.

Inflatable seals can be custom made using premium grade elastomers, Silicone being our speciality, though they can also be made from Fluorosilicone, EPDM, Neoprene and others.  J-Flex inflatable rubber seals are produced from precision extruded profiles, thus ensuring maximum structural integrity which means better resistance to rupture and tear and superior flex life.

Valves are typically metal but are sometimes moulded depending on air pressure and application.

Whatever the length or size of the seal you require, we can help. Using our unique manufacturing technique we can provide seamless products in virtually any length or size and to your exacting specification. You can say no to vulcanised joints that offer a less effective seal.

  • Pollution Control and Laboratory Equipment
  • Laundry, Textile and Paper Making Equipment
  • Test Facilities In General Engineering
  • Food and Pharmaceutical Process Areas
  • Clean Room Door Seals
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Watertight Door Seals
  • Chemical Plants
  • Oven Door Seals.

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Our Inflatable Rubber Seals brochure tells you all you need to know and has a wide range of seal profiles, as well as a very handy questionnaire to help you identify the right type of seal for your application.

See below for brochure link.

  • Seal Configurations
  • Castellated Profiles
  • Unique Profiles
  • Frog Leg Profiles
  • Footed Snap Profiles
  • Colours & Printing
  • Stem Foot Location Profiles
  • Channel-Fit Profiles
  • Inflator Seals Applications
  • Silicone Properties
  • Straight Length Inflators
  • Moulded Corners
  • Mechanical Retainers
  • Air Connectors
  • Specifying the Seal you need

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Why buy from J-Flex?

If you are looking for a friendly and helpful industrial rubber products supplier, with great product knowledge and excellent customer service, then you’re in the right place. We supply a vast range of quality items including rubber sheet and an array of fabrications made from premium grade elastomers including silicone and Viton™ - many of which are available for next day delivery. With over 35 years operating experience, J‑Flex is the preferred supplier of industrial rubber products - providing engineered rubber components and specialist rubber sheetings you can trust. Whether you are looking for silicone sheets, rubber mouldings, gaskets, sleeves, extrusions, bellows, fabrications, rubber sealants or adhesives -including Viton™ sheets and sealants, J‑Flex can help. You'll find our Accreditations, Approvals, Certifications and Compliance​ information here.