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17 Amazing Reasons to Buy your FKM/ Viton™ Sheet from J-Flex!
General News & Events, Specialist Rubber Sheetings, Viton™ & FKM - 6th Oct, 2017

Last year the Chemours Company launched their Viton™ Licensee Programme providing enhanced benefits for customers and partners alike.

J-Flex is proud to be a member of the Chemours Viton™ Licensee Programme.

The world FKM / FPM market is set to increase by 4% over the next 5 years and here is your exclusive invitation to check out today why you should trust a specialist supplier like J-Flex with your FKM/ FPM Sheet requirements.

  • J-Flex is a member of the official Chemours Viton™ Licensee Program dedicated to sheet products – offering you the advantage of this experience; we really do understand Fluoroelastomer’s and we think it shows!
  • Largest stock range available in Europe – which means that you can get products fast – thus keeping your production flowing whilst controlling inventory costs.
  • Unique 10 point quality checks – means in a world where the majority of suppliers offer a commodity product – J-Flex care about and guarantee the quality of product sold.
  • Laboratory controlled production – ensures that J-Flex products do what we say they will do – time after time.
  • Regular bench marking against competitor materials – if you buy elsewhere BUYER BEWARE – some materials do not do what they say they will – we have the evidence.
  • Final sheet checks – ensures compliance with thickness; width and length all as you would expect.
  • ALL J-Flex FKM/ Viton™ has been independently tested – don’t take our word but consider the word of one of Germany’s top seal and gasket test houses – full reports available upon request.
  • J-Flex FKM/ Viton™ is safe to work with – independent tests confirm compliance to the latest REACH – 174 SVHC Candidate List.
  • J-Flex FKM is genuinely PAH / PAK FREE – independently testing demonstrates zero trace and full compliance to AfPS GS 2014 Cat 1.
  • From STOCK we can offer FKM /FPM sheet in rolls: 1000mm or 1200mm or 1400mm wide – with options to make 1500mm wide to order – meaning you can maximise material utilisation again controlling your costs for you.
  • Incredible thickness range available: 0.5mm to 25mm inclusive – means you can respond to all of your customers requirements with these thickness options.
  • From 1Q/17 J-Flex will carry 0.25mm in stock – means you have even more options for your customers.
  • Existing stock items include: Viton™ A; B; GF + FDA + Viton™ Sponge + FLUOR-A-COM® (68% Fluorine) + Fabric Reinforced Insertion Sheet + Aflas® – tell us what you need and we will deliver.
  • Off-White and Blue FDA Compliant FKM Sheet – available EX-STOCK.
  • FKM Specials are standard for us: Aflas®; GF; GBLT; Extreme.
  • Talk to J-Flex about your FKM/ FPM requirements – see how effortless dealing with an expert really is.
  • Simply ask for our “FKM – What’s The Story” brochure – freely available in hard-copy or download or flipbook versions whichever you prefer.