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Life Expectancy of Silicone Rubbers
General News & Events, Educational, Specialist Rubber Sheetings, Silicone - 7th Sep, 2012

Thermal Stability

General purpose silicone’s physical properties are not adversely affected by prolonged exposure to temperatures from -60°C to +200°C.

In addition, it can withstand intermittent exposure to even higher temperatures and far outdistances other elastomers in resistance to thermal degradation and outperforms other elastomers in general service life, compression set resistance, electrical strength and non-stick properties.  Silicone also has good chemical and fluid resistance.

For every 10 degrees higher than the recommended working temperature your product works at you will reduce its life expectancy by 50%. For example a 200°C rated material has a life of 2 years, but it is seeing 210°C and another process at 230°C, the life at 210°C is now 1 year and at 230°C is now 3 months.

This information may not relate to your particular working temperature.  We give no guarantee of satisfactory results from reliance upon information contained above, and we disclaim all liability for any resulting loss or damage.