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General News & Events, Manufactured Rubber Components, Mouldings, Extrusions, Fabricated Components - 31st Jul, 2020

As we know there are many unsung superheroes in all walks of life. We want to highlight a totally different kind of unsung hero, a whole load of them in fact, and they exist in every single industry around the world.

We’re showing our love and appreciation for…. Components! – specifically Rubber Components


Just look at the facts:

  • They quietly perform a multitude of tasks day in, day out without ever being noticed.
  • They’re purposely designed and created. 
  • They make things possible.
  • They make things safe.
  •  They work in tandem with plastic and metal components to achieve great things.
  •  They can absorb vibration.
  •  They can create a barrier against liquids and gases.
  •  They can be flexible or rigid.
  •  They can incorporate special fabrics for extra strength.
  •  They can seal, insulate and protect.
  •  They often have to go through rigorous testing to gain approval.
  •  They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours. 
  •  They can be either moulded, extruded or fabricated, using various specialised techniques.
At J-Flex we eat, sleep and breath these amazing manufactured items – the unsung heroes of industry.

Some are resting in boxes in our warehouse awaiting the call to action. Others are leaping onto despatch lorries and flying out to all parts of the globe to faithfully serve their purpose. (see what we did there?).

We’re always interested and excited when a new enquiry or order comes in – to find out what it’s purpose is, and to help advise and create something that serves a purpose. It could be a recreation of something no longer made, or an improved, redesigned version, or something totally brand new and unique that never previously existed.

Whatever it is, you can be assured that with our combined knowledge and experience gathered over 36yrs in the rubber industry, the J-Flex team have the know-how to advise and help you solve your component requirements.

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