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Case Study – J-Flex Metal Detectable Products Ensure Safety
General News & Events, Specialist Rubber Sheetings, Silicone - 6th Oct, 2018

They often call fish brain food – why?

Apparently there are one or more nutrients (omega-3 fats etc.) in fish which are food for the brain, brain development and cognitive function. So safety in the processing of fish is absolutely paramount.

Our customer, a leading processor & packer of fish products – (white fish; seafood; fishcakes etc) based in the Mediterranean, are successfully using J-Flex Metal Detectable Products. These products ensure that all of their high quality food products go through metal detector equipment to make sure that there are no foreign objects or contamination.

Elastomeric Contamination

Thousands of gaskets, seals ‘O’ rings, bellows, strips and sections are used daily in food, drink and pharmaceutical production world-wide. Due to the general low conductivity of traditional rubber based materials, these can very often be missed by even the strongest detection systems.

Increasing legislation demands that food, drinks and pharmaceutical manufacturers keep foreign material (contamination) out of their product to ensure consumer safety. Measures must be in place to detect pollution and contaminated products before they are distributed in the food chain.

Component parts used in the process equipment can become damaged either by incorrect installation; excessive wear; aggressive chemical cleaning or completely accidental means, so small fragments can finish up in the food ingredients mixture.

The Solution

So defining the above problems, Metal Detectable rubbers are increasing in use in the food, drink & pharmaceutical industries.  J-Flex Metal Detectable Rubber Products have metallic ferrite mixed into and bound inside the molecular structure of a rubber compound.  The compound is then processed like all other compounds by calendering, extrusion & moulding.

So if a piece of Metal Detectable lid seal gasket broke off in food processing, the food product is scanned as it leaves the production area.  Therefore the piece of rubber contaminating the fish, potato chips, bread, yoghurt or chocolate etc., would be detected before getting into the food chain.

Fragments of J-Flex Metal Detectable Rubber materials, less than 1mm in size can be identified on standard in-line detection equipment

Stock products and custom made solutions are available from J-Flex – just contact our Sales Team with your specific requirements.  For excellent service; quality products and truly competitive pricing – contact J-Flex today.

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