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J-Flex to cease use of Talc Powder on Fluor-A-Com®
General News & Events, Specialist Rubber Sheetings, Viton™ & FKM - 14th Jan, 2019

Following trials we are stopping the use of using talc powder as a release agent on our market leading ‘Fluor-A-Com®’ FKM Sheet Products. This will be a positive step forward for everyone involved, and for the environment.

A simple interleaved liner in the roll will provide a more than adequate solution.

Over the years many good improvements have been made in production techniques and it is no longer necessary to use talc in the process. Talc appears to add no value to most of our valued customers and in most cases is a very welcome move.

J-Flex hold one of the largest stocks of FKM Sheet Products in Europe and we plan 4 months ahead with W.I.P. Sheet, so hopefully by April / May 2019 we will begin to clear all talced FKM stock.

Obviously for a period of time we will have both variants available and whilst it is our intention to sell the talced stock first, we will always respond to customers requirements to satisfy demands.

We will try our very hardest not to mix consignments of a particular thickness – but please note that this could happen in some cases.

We would be pleased to hear your opinion on this or any other J-Flex Speciality Sheet Products.

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