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J-Flex celebrates 35 years!
General News & Events - 1st Apr, 2019

J-Flex is celebrating 35 years in business. Founded by John and Jill Kirk in 1984, the elastomer solutions provider has grown considerably since then, employing 21 people and exporting to over 55 countries.

The company has firmly established itself as the market leading brand for high performance elastomer sheetings such as silicone, silicone sponge, FKM and EPDM plus manufactured components including; mouldings, extrusions, bellows and seals. Having outgrown its original premises in Tuxford, J-Flex moved to a dedicated site in Retford in 1998. The acquisition of an additional purpose-built facility in 2012 – located next door – has allowed the business to expand over the last 21 years without the need to relocate or consider alternative locations outside of the region.

Although the company is 100% committed to Nottinghamshire, an established distribution network has contributed to their increased global presence, with strategic partners in Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain, India and Australia. In 2010, J-Flex India was launched with a dedicated General Manager in Mumbai and a Technical Consultant based in Bangalore, whilst 2017 saw the creation of Global Laminating Solutions, a joint-venture company in Germany, focussed on consumable products used in solar panel manufacturing.

Central to J-Flex’ success is their people – their most important asset. People development is central to the Company realising its Vision, with achievements recognised and rewarded.

The inclusion of J-Flex employees and their development in the Vision has contributed to high levels of morale and loyalty, and as a result, incredibly low turnover of staff – over 60% of people have been with the business for 10 or more years!

Despite an increasing international presence, our family values continue to guide the company – J-Flex recruit and appraise against their values. The business remains family-run too, and is now under the leadership of Sam Kirk and his trusted senior leadership team; Lance Bradley, Les Shaw and Phillip Wright. In November 2018 the company was Highly Commended in the headline category – Family Business of the Year – at the prestigious Midlands Family Business Awards.

Commenting on the 35th anniversary, Chairman John Kirk said: “Jill and I are incredibly proud of what J-Flex has achieved since 1984, and we have complete faith in our new leadership team to drive the company forward. We truly believe that their enthusiasm and expertise will ensure the company exceeds its Vision”.

Please take a minute – well, 54 seconds to be precise (we like precision!) – to view our thank-you video: