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Inflatable Rubber Seals
Manufactured Rubber Components, Fabricated Components - 7th Feb, 2020

J-Flex Inflatable Rubber Seals are the ideal solution for difficult sealing situations 

When parts move in relation to one another and are connected and disconnected at will, the most effective technique is to use inflator seals.

  • Pollution Control and Laboratory Equipment
  • Laundry, Textile and Paper Making Equipment
  • Test Facilities In General Engineering
  • Food and Pharmaceutical Process Areas
  • Clean Room Door Seals
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Watertight Door Seals
  • Chemical Plants
  • Oven Door Seals.

Our new Inflatable Seals brochure tells you all you need to know and has a wide range of seal profiles, as well as a very handy questionnaire to help you identify the right type of seal for your application.  It covers:

  • Seal Configurations
  • Castellated Profiles
  • Unique Profiles
  • Frog Leg Profiles
  • Footed Snap Profiles
  • Colours & Printing
  • Stem Foot Location Profiles
  • Channel-Fit Profiles
  • Inflator Seals Applications
  • Silicone Properties
  • Straight Length Inflators
  • Moulded Corners
  • Mechanical Retainers
  • Air Connectors
  • Specifying the Seal you need

What colour would you prefer? 

Previously supplied in blue, we can now offer inflatable rubber seals in most colours of choice – what would you like?

Also, see our product page for Inflatable Rubber Seals

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