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General News & Events, Fabricated Components - 12th Jun, 2018

From outdated infrastructure to increasing government and environmental regulations, water wastage has become a major challenge around the globe.

Our client, a multi-national manufacturer of flow control products with factories in several countries encounters many local issues and indeed have become experts in saving water.

Sustainable water control continues to be a constant headache for professionals involved in valve/flow control equipment design. Ensuring minimal loss of this most precious resource , whilst delivering a consistent supply of clean drinking water are just two of the challenges our client has solved over the past 50 years.

J-Flex has contributed to these key areas by delivering precision moulded valve seats to our client for many years now. The importance of high quality valve seats cannot be over emphasised, since failure can be very costly, inefficient & in some extreme cases could compromise the quality of essential potable water.


Issues solved by J-Flex:
  • Correct material choice – both elastomer seal & metal seat carriers
  • For this potable water application J-Flex chose it’s WRAS Approved 80°Shore Hard EPDM Rubber bonded to 316 Stainless Steel carriers
  • Correct design – the valve seat is the most critical component in any valve
  • If the seat doesn’t work – the valve doesn’t work
  • Consequences can range from minimal leakage/shortened life span to catastrophic failure
  • Valves seats must have 100% rubber to metal bonding integrity. Poor bonding can lead to valve seat failure
  • Precision rubber/metal parts must operate reliably to eliminate waste leakage, so to ensure this the valve seats must be precisely ground after moulding to ensure a perfect rubber to metal seal

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