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Benefit from Stronger Joints, with J-Flex
General News & Events, Vacuum Forming Consumables, Precision Consumables - 12th Jul, 2019

At J-Flex we always like to know that our products provide will provide high performance and in many cases exceed expectations.

A perfect example of this is the jointing method used for our PTFE Glass stringer belts.

Recent tensile strength tests of J-Flex PTFE Glass stringer belts with interwoven pressed joints proved conclusively that they should be the belts of choice.

The tests proved that the joints are in fact so strong that the belt itself gives way before the actual joint does!

All tests were carried out to the same criteria and compared the following joint types:

  • angled butt joint
  • straight butt joint
  • interwoven joint
  • interwoven pressed joint

The first three jointing methods are typically found in PTFE Belts provided by other suppliers and break apart at different straining points.

We provide Stringer Belts, Release Belts, Vision Belts and Transport Belts, so to minimise your production downtime and overall operating costs, use the best PTFE belts available – speak to us.