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Announcing the new J-Flex website
General News & Events - 7th Oct, 2019

No comparison

Whilst our previous website served us well for the past few years, we decided (around a year ago) that it was time for something better and started planning.

Our new site allows for much more flexibility in terms of what we can do with it and how we can present our world class products to a global market. Amongst the numerous improvements and enhancements, you’ll find even more useful information, better imagery, an improved Downloads section and an enhanced News section, as well as speed improvements.

All part of our continued 35 years in business celebrations!

What’s the switch?

We also wanted to change from the .co.uk domain we’ve always had, and make the switch to the .com version, in order to better reflect the fact we are a globally operating company with customers in over 55 countries and with agents and partners in a number of those countries.

We’re not finished yet

As everyone knows, the launch of a new site is just the beginning. The future will see more of our regular blog posts, White Papers and other helpful informational documents – as well as see the introduction of other key languages.

And finally

With that we hope you’ll find our new website – www.j-flex.com – provides you with the information you need and the assurance that you are in good hands.

Should you need more information, Samples or Quotes, simply Contact us – or use one of the green, red and blue buttons on our home page that suits your requirements.

We look forward to impressing you.